the process

Main idea:
labyrinth—a symbol for spiritual journey

BACKGROUND This Summer Program campaign included online advertising, digital media visuals and print material. The creative director chose the labyrinth in the Cathedral of Chartres, France as the core visual.

CHALLENGE To motivate students to trade the summer sun for hours spent in class and the library. The starting point was the image of a labyrinth — an ancient symbol for a spiritual journey. The labyrinth represents a continuous, intentional path with a clearly defined entrance and centre, similar to the education process. Here are my steps to the visual solution: I started with rough sketches made with vivid aniline colours on clear film to suggest the brightness of summer:

EXPERIMENT I imagined how on a sunny day light would come through the stained glass rosette above the entrance of the cathedral and hit the labyrinth on the floor as an oval of vivid colours.

My take on how the grey stones on the church floor came to life as the projected light from the rosette reached them.

ART RESEARCH artist Helen Nock — fused glass

I connected the idea of colourful glass pieces fused together with the way that stones are fitted together to shape the labyrinth on the cathedral floor. Here is my digital artwork.

And here is how I used it on the cover panel of a folded poster.